Entering a Prize Draw

Registering for Dreamwinner makes it easier for you to use the site in the future. Your details will be securely stored and you will not need to re-enter them. In your profile you can track campaigns you have entered and edit your account details. By submitting your email address, you can elect to receive our monthly digest of active competitions. You may also opt out if you do not want to receive it.

Yes. Age restrictions will vary between 12+, 16+, and 18+, depending on the nature of the particular campaign. Winners younger than the age of majority in his/her place of residence must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian. See the official rules for each competition for details and restrictions.

You can enter each individual competition up to a maximum amount of times stated on each competition page, each competition varies so there is not set across all.

The cheaper ones will usually allow a higher amount of entries to be purchased, however please always refer to the competition to see the maximum quantity if applicable.

Each competition runs on a set ‘draw’ date, this will be displayed on the product page.

Quite often the competition will sell out before this date, some sell out in 1-4 days of being LIVE on our website.

If a competition sells out before the date displayed it will be moved to the next available draw slot.

Prizes can be collected or delivered to you at no extra cost. This applies to delivery in the UK. 

Experiences will differ each time, so we will contact you to make arrangements.


Winners will be notified by email shortly after the campaign entry period closes. They must then accept the prize by the deadline indicated in the email, and have their eligibility to win confirmed, in order to be named the winner.

We provide a highly secure, robust, and reliable third party payment processing service. Upon entry to a campaign, entrants’ payment details are transmitted to Dreamwinner’s payments partner, Stripe. Stripe’s systems are Level 1 PCI Compliant ensuring the highest level of security and compliance. www.stripe.com.

All donations made through Dreamwinner are final and nonrefundable.

The Prize Draw

When you enter a competition by paid or by free entry, you will receive entries that will be displayed in your Dreamwinner account after activation. The winner will be selected by our random number generator software once all entries for the competition have been entered and the entry period has closed.

This means you can watch the live draw with your corresponding number(s) in hand.  ​

Watch all live video draws on our Facebook page.

The probability of winning the competition depends on how many people enter a particular draw. Each entry is equivalent to one chance at winning, so the probability of winning the prize (assuming only one prize is offered) will be the number one divided by the number of entries for that particular draw. For example, if there are 100 entries for a particular campaign, each entry has a 1 in 100 chance of winning. If you obtain multiple entries then your chances of winning increase. In addition, your chances of winning the prize will increase if more than one winner is selected for a prize.

This depends on the official rules for each competition. Each campaign page will specify the draw prizes and number of prizes to be awarded. Usually there is just one draw prize awarded, but in some cases there are multiple prizes. The winner(s) will usually be allowed to bring at one guest. These details and many others are explained clearly in the Official Rules of each draw.

Some draws include air and/or ground transportation and/or accommodation for the winners, but not all. Please check the Official Rules of the specific draw you are interested in for full details.

80% of the net raised is remitted to the charitable beneficiary unless noted otherwise on the individual campaign page, below the custom donation reward level.

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The security of your information and transactions is one of our highest priorities. Dreamwinner automatically encrypts your confidential information in transit using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 256 bits (the highest level commercially available). Our servers sit behind multiple electronic firewalls and are never directly connected to the Internet, so your private information stays private.

You can change all of your settings on your profile page on www.dreamwinner.co.uk.

Dreamwinner are currently in the process of enabling feature due to popular demand.

Donating a Prize

If you are a charity, company, or celebrity, we’d love to hear your prize ideas. If you are a charity, please email [email protected] If you are a company, please email [email protected] If you represent a celebrity, please email [email protected]

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For certain campaigns, once the entry process is complete and you are taken to the “Thank You” page, you will be given a unique referral link. There are several easy ways to share this link with your friends. If they click on your link and enter the campaign, you will receive additional entries. Note: If your friends don’t enter through your unique link, you will not gain additional entries.

Yes, please! Send prize ideas to [email protected] and we will try our hardest to source them for you!

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